SGM Plus is the advanced model of Smart Graphic Module (SGM), which enables touch panel as interface to actiavte incorporated program in users device. 
Standard range is from 3.5"~10.4".
Standard UART/ Optional RS232
115200、57600 、38400 、19200 、9600 Bps
Size (Res.)Flash MemoryRAM
3.5"(320x240) 128MB 8MB
4.3"(480x272) 128MB 8MB
5.6"(640x480) 256MB 16MB
7"(800x480) 256MB 16MB
10.4"(800x600) 256MB 16MB

Compilation of user interface is available with development tool "Arranger Plus".

Macro is a compilation of UART commands, that integrates series of commands and operate by orders.
Via Arranger Plus, compilation of Macro will be easier and therefore to reduce complexity of MCU design.

Save GUI Profile generated from Arranger Plus in Micro SD card and insert to SD card slot in module.